My review of SENSO activbuds S-250

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Senso activbuds s-250

I often review products only with the notion that “buy it for life” is at the forefront of my purchase and/review. However buying it once for electronics is just not practical. This item may be an excellent exception. ..

I bought this wireless headphones set about 18 months ago. The SENSO ActivBuds model S~250 was a great purchase! My main reasons for getting this particular headset was the waterproof and wireless features.

I have not been disappointed. In fact for the price I  couldn’t be happier. Plus considering this is WIRELESS then this makes me among the more than 8,000 happy customers who also bought this product on Amazon and gave a positive review. 

They fit inside my ears and on my head very comfortably. No wires dangling over my face and clothes.

As far as functionalities I think it’s an amazing headset! While I listen to a song I do not care for I can go forward or backward on my Playlist right on my headset.

The sound quality is very good with plenty of volume and clarity. If you want to check out what the 8,000 buyers said about this item then pop over to HERE

It’s a lot to read! Or just go ahead (and buy it once?) and buy a set like I did! The item is made well and is very functional. I hope to have these for many many years!