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high quality products, buy it once, bought it onceBoughtitonce.com finds, evaluates and markets products that last. Hopefully will last a Lifetime, not harm the Planet, not too hard on your wallet and you will never have to say “it broke”.

Patagonia clothing manufacturer, for example, will repair purchases items free of charge and a nominal fee for repairs due to accidents and excessive use. Companies like Patagonia are about Name Branding and intend to stick around for decades and the business model is sustainability and repeat customer orders.

This site features products that I believe have exceptional built-in quality or have a great customer after-care policy..or both! A HUGE degree of trust can be put in actually USER REVIEWS…  therefore many of my products also have THOUSANDS of independent reviews that rate the product high or low and for me, this feature alone is the number one reason I choose to buy a product.

The mission of my website is quite simple: to simplify the decision making process. The buyer has already made up their mind to buy a backpack, for example. I just hand them their solution. For the buyer that’s often the hardest part: WHICH ONE should I buy??? Thier choices are often mind-boggling and daunting and it my contention that, many people give up the search and then one day they buy the searched for product, in a shopping mall and have no idea about the quality etc etc… IMPULSE PURCHASE based upon a need. Bad idea.

Speaking of quality. Let’s do this simple arithmetic: You have a choice of buying a backpack for $65 with zero warranty and no big name backing up the product. Your second choice has a price tag of $128 and is made by Osprey. Osprey comes with a Lifetime warranty:  https://www.ospreypacks.com/us/en/customer-support/all-mighty-guarantee.     Which backpack should you buy, one in your lifetime or 4 or 5, or more, in that same timespan?

By buying the Osprey you are also being kinder to the Planet because your local garbage dump will not receive 5 worn out backpacks from you and all of the associated packaging materials. Kudos! Well done. Smart choice.



My review of SENSO activbuds S-250

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Senso activbuds s-250

I often review products only with the notion that “buy it for life” is at the forefront of my purchase and/review. However buying it once for electronics is just not practical. This item may be an excellent exception. ..

I bought this wireless headphones set about 18 months ago. The SENSO ActivBuds model S~250 was a great purchase! My main reasons for getting this particular headset was the waterproof and wireless features.

I have not been disappointed. In fact for the price I  couldn’t be happier. Plus considering this is WIRELESS then this makes me among the more than 8,000 happy customers who also bought this product on Amazon and gave a positive review. 

They fit inside my ears and on my head very comfortably. No wires dangling over my face and clothes.

As far as functionalities I think it’s an amazing headset! While I listen to a song I do not care for I can go forward or backward on my Playlist right on my headset.

The sound quality is very good with plenty of volume and clarity. If you want to check out what the 8,000 buyers said about this item then pop over to HERE

It’s a lot to read! Or just go ahead (and buy it once?) and buy a set like I did! The item is made well and is very functional. I hope to have these for many many years!

Fixing stuff

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Hopefully everything you buy, especially at boughtitonce.com, will never need to be repaired.

Things break due to being dropped, abused or whatever.

I bought a pair of sandals 2 months ago and I wore them for about 2 hours before they broke! Very annoying to walk around in one sandal. One fabric strap had come apart from the lower half. It was not glued properly when manufactured.

Superglue saved the day. A quick trip to 7-11 and a small tube of superglue in hand… and the shoe was better than new in just 10 minutes. Hopefully I will get a few years out of the sandals as well as my repair.

Handy repair materials to pack for around the house,  a holiday or business trip would include :




Elastic band


Hot glue gun

Sewing needle and thread

And finally but not least.. Duct tape.

Repairing your purchase may simply get you out of a bad situation while on holiday or may add years to the life of a product you use at home. Much better than putting in the trash.

All the best for long life product searching!

Export quality!

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Buy it once, boughtitonce, buy it for life, export qualityFor the past 4 years, I have been living part year in Mexico and part year in Thailand.

Consumers in both countries are on a steep rise to.. God knows where. One thing is evident is quality. At boughtitonce.com that’s what my website is all about… recommending to my readers about stuff that actually lasts!

Both Thailand and Mexico produce tons of goods, however the items that are marketed to locals are far inferior in quality than goods marked for export.. exported to USA perhaps.

Many of the items I used to buy in Thailand and Mexico broke VERY quickly. I realized after some trial and error what was going on… second grade quality was being sold in these countries and consumers are being ripped off!

Before you buy that off brand microwave, or an item that has a really low price, please consider the true cost of that purchase. Buying it twice!

Enjoy a beautiful day. If you really need to buy something that lasts.. then pop over to boughtitonce.com. Thanks. 🙂

What this web site is all about

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A survey conducted in 2015 and commissioned by the British charity Barnardo’s, found that the majority of women’s clothing items are only worn 7 times on average. After 7 times, the article is relegated to the top shelf of a closet until it is finally donated or given to family or friends.

Combatting this wastefulness is at the heart of my business here at boughtitonce.com. I have plenty of company and have scoured the internet and online shopping malls to find the most economical products in growing number of clothing brands offering alternatives to this disposable shopping economy. Brands such as Zady, Cuyana, and The 30 Year Sweatshirt are becoming more and more popular as many of us find a way to make the world a greener place to live in. If not we, shall all surely drown in our own wastefulness!

Each year the trend has been for Americans to buy more clothing each year than they have ever done so before. Consumers shopped for an average of 64 items of clothing each year and about seven pairs of shoes per year. In the 1990’s this figure was half. So with DOUBLE consumption, in just 20 years, manufacturers and purchasers are climbing onboard the idea of more will mean less. In the long-run.

I hope you enjoy perusing some of the products here at bought it for less for these very reasons. Enjoy a beautiful day.